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How do the Rebelle Nerf guns fare against “regular” Nerf blasters?


nerf guns rebelleGirls have always liked Nerf guns, but certain new films and books, like “Brave” and “The Hunger Games” respectively, have made made those toy guns very popular with girls. This is why Nerf has introduced a new series of Nerf guns, or blaster as some call them, which have been designed exclusively for girls: the Rebelle series.

The Rebelle Nerf gun models look nothing like “regular” Nerf guns, but they work pretty much the same way: they shoot Nerf darts after being loaded and primed. This means that girls should have no problem whatsoever with tagging their friends and siblings for fun or with doing some target practice. But what if they want to take part in a Nerf War? Are the Rebelle Nerf guns enough to help them “survive” and even win? How do they stack up against the “regular” Nerf guns that the boys will be using? Well, read on and find out!

  • Design

The Rebelle Nerf guns may look kind of different than the more “traditional” Nerf gun models that we all know and love, but in reality they are just slightly redesigned and repainted N-Series blasters. This means that although they are white with pink and purple highlights and body decals, they still have the reliable and extremely successful N-Strike blaster technology “under the bonnet”. In other words, Rebelle guns are just slightly redesigned N-Strike blasters, which means that they can be used effectively in a Nerf war.

  • Projectiles

Since the Rebelle Nerf gun series is new, they came out just this year, it only consists of dart firing guns. As of the time of this writing, there are no XLR Rebelle models available. Rebelle guns are compatible with all types of Nerf dart projectiles that all N-Strike models are compatible with, but they come with specially designed Rebelle darts in the package. Those new Rebelle darts are just regular Nerf darts that have been repainted in “girly” colors, such as pink and purple, or have cool designs and even glitter on them to make them stand out from “regular” darts. Furthermore, the Rebelle darts are also collectible, which means that girls can trade them or collect ones that better suit and match their “combat attire”.

  • Accessories

Being essentially N-Strike blasters, the Rebelle Nerf guns are compatible with all N-Strike accessories. There is even a specially designed Rebelle tactical accessory that allows the owner to attach her smartphone running the specially designed Nerf Mission application on her Nerf gun.

  • Model variety

Here’s where the Rebelle series falls a bit short, but this is to be expected since the series is very new. There is not a wide variety of Rebelle Nerf guns available as of yet, but that doesn’t mean that there are not enough models to allow girls to participate in Nerf Wars! The series may be spearheaded by a bow and a crossbow model, called the Heartbreaker and the Guardian respectively, but there is also an assault blaster, called Sweet Revenge and a couple of side arm models. There is even a battery operated, semi automatic Rebelle blaster, called the Powerbelle. In other words, there may not be any Rebelle shotgun or vulcan like blasters, but the ones that are available will be more than adequate for most Nerf Wars!

If your little girl would like to be a sniper then I am sorry to inform you that there are no Rebelle Sniper Nerf guns as of yet, which means that you will have to choose one from the N-Strike series. With that in mind, then the Nerf Longstrike, the best Nerf sniper blaster and one of the best Nerf guns ever made, is the best choice.