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How to become a good Sniper with your sniper Nerf gun


Nerf gun sniperLet’s face it, there is nothing cooler than being a sniper during a Nerf war game and being able to pick off your enemies from afar, without them knowing what hit them. A lot of Nerf gun fans think that all it takes to become a sniper, is buying a sniper Nerf model and a good scope.

While having the right equipment and the right Nerf gun is definitely essential for snipers, the gear alone is not enough to turn you into a sniper who will dominate Nerf wars!

Sniping is much more complicated than you think and being a good sniper, requires lots of training, discipline and cunning. Here are some tips to turn you into the ultimate Nerf gun sniper!

  • Be fit!

A sniper has to be able to get vantage points as quickly and silently as possible because he is essentially a free kill while moving from one sniping position to another. Not only do you need to be able to run really far and fast in order to becomes a good sniper, you also need to be able to climb on trees and walls, since snipers need to always have the high ground. Having the right Nerf gun accessories can also make moving around the battlefield easier. Use collapsible or folding stocks to make your gun easier to carry around and to ensure that it won’t get in your way while climbing.

  • Learn the basics of camouflage

Sniping is all about hitting your enemies without them being able to spot you in order to retaliate, which is why you should blend in with your environment. Always wear colors that don’t contrast with the colors of the battlefield and avoid bright colors altogether. Camo pattern clothing is always a good idea. Nerf guns are brightly colored and they can be easily spotted by your enemies, which is why you should camouflage them as well. You can try painting your favorite sniper Nerf gun black, or you can keep it covered with a blanket or some cloth that will match the color of your clothing while sniping.

  • Have lots of ammo with you

If an assault troop runs out of ammo, all he has to do is collect some darts from the ground and reload his Nerf gun with them. A sniper doesn’t have that luxury. Seeing as you will be hidden and away from the main action, there most probably won’t be any darts lying around you for you to collect and load your gun. Always make sure to carry some extra ammo with you.

  • Always have a back up gun with you

Sniper Nerf guns are amazing when shooting targets that are far away, but they won’t be much use when coming face to face with the enemy, as they tend to have really poor rates of fire. This is why you should always have a back up Nerf gun with you at all times if you are a sniper. If you think that an enemy is sneaking up on you, switch to your back up weapon and take him down.

  • Learn how to compensate for the wind

The wind affects Nerf bullets the same it affects regular bullets! The longer a Nerf dart travels, the more its course will be affected by the wanted, which means that if you want your shots to be accurate, you will need to be able to compensate for the wind. If for example the wind is blowing from the East, you should aim a bit to the left of your intended target. Practice firing in various wind conditions and you will soon master the art of wind compensation.

If sniping is not your thing and you prefer more direct approach to combat, then don’t worry: there are many badass Nerf gun models for you to choose from! The Nerf Vulcan, also known as the Nerf Havok Fire in the UK, is a fully automatic, electronic Nerf machine gun that can fire dozens of Nerf darts in just a few seconds! If you like machine guns better than sniper rifles, then this is definitely the right Nerf gun for you.