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Are you ready for the best nerf gun? Read my Nerf stampede report!


Don’t buy the Nerf stampede before reading me review!

Nerf stampedeIt’s a well known fact that all boys, young and old alike, love playing war games!

When they are little, they will be using the power of their imagination and pretend that some everyday items, like broomsticks and even tennis rackets, are guns and other weapons and they will be running around the house or your garden with their friends, while making “pew, pew” sounds!

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But sooner or later, your boys will ask realistic toy guns that actually shoot some sort of projectiles! As I’m sure you know, most of the toy guns available on the market shoot little plastic pellets. These projectiles are shot at such great speeds that even though they are pretty small, they can actually cause some serious injuries and damage to your children or your house, respectively!

If you want a toy gun that is perfectly safe for your children to play with, then you should definitely consider the Nerf guns! These amazing toy guns for kids have been specially designed with the safety of the children using them in mind, which is why they use soft projectiles, that have been made using the famous Nerf gun projectile foam! They are definitely the safest guns for kids on the market!

In this Nerf gun review, we will talk about one of the most popular models: the Nerf Stampede! Many reviews claim that it’s currently the best Nerf gun to buy! Are they right? Well, let’s see how it fares in my Nerf Stampede review!

Nerf stampede

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Nerf stampede Overview

If you want your Nerf Games to look and feel like real life combat, or to feel just like starring in your very own version of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, then the Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS is definitely the best Nerf gun for you!

Nerf stampedeIt will make you feel like a real warrior or a battle hardened special forces soldier!

What makes the Nerf N-Strike Stampede really stand out from the other Nerf guns, is the fact that it’s fully automatic! This means that you won’t have to cock it before firing it and it can fire its darts at the astonishing rate of 2 per second!

In other words, it feels just like using a real assault rifle or a machine gun! It also comes packaged with many clips, to make sure that you’ll never run out of ammo during a battle, as well as a multitude of cool accessories and parts that can be used with all guns of the N-Strike series!

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  • Nerf N-strike Stampede ecs Performance

Like I said earlier, the Stampede Nerf gun has been designed to provide the user with the most realistic combat experience possible! First of all, it is fully automatic! Hanks to its specially designed, automated firing system, it doesn’t need to be cocked in order to fire! This enables it to have a very fast firing rate: it can launch three darts per second! This will allow you to shoot down all your enemies before they even have a chance of getting close to you! Please note though that the Nerf Gun Stampede is battery operated, it needs 6 size D batteries in order to work!

  • Nerf N-strike Stampede Loading system

Like all high quality Nerf guns, the Nerf Stampede ECS is equipped with a clip based loading mechanism! This means that when you run out of ammo, all you’ll have to do is take out the empty magazine and put a full one in its place! Unlike other Nerf gun sets that contain just one clip, the Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS comes with three extended 18 dart clips and even a smaller one that can accommodate another six darts!You will never run out of ammo!

  • Nerf Gun Stampede Accessories

Another coll thing about the Nerf Stampede ECS-50, is the fact that it comes with some really accessories and parts! First of all, it comes with an adjustable shield that will keep you safe and protected even when attacking your enemies head on! Then, there’s the special bipod that you can use to either steady your aim for long distance shots, or you can fold it and use it as a forward grip that will improve your accuracy while you’re moving and shooting at the same time! These accessories can also be used with all other Nerf guns of the N-Strike series!

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Pros and Cons of Nerf stampede


  1. It’s quite possibly the most realistic Nerf gun out there!
  2. It’s fully automatic, which means that you won’t have to cock it after each shot!
  3. It has an amazing firing rate of three darts per second!
  4. It comes with 3 extended clips as well as a standard one that can take six darts!
  5. Really cool shield and bipod accessories!
  6. Great price at amazon.co.uk! Click here to get it!


  1. It’s battery operated, which means it becomes useless once it’s batteries die.
  2. It may be too big and heavy for younger Nerf fans!

Where to buy Nerf stampede from and for how much?

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