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The best nerf gun for the nerf games lover!


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nerf guns ukBoys don’t have that many options when it comes to toys they can play with. They like video games, action figures and perhaps something that has to do with constructing thing (although they refer to destroy rather than build).

This Christmas if you are looking for a present for them a great choice is Nerf Guns. You cannot go wrong with something that involves action.

We met NERF back in the 70s when a ball was launched. However, NERF is still a popular toy company. And they no longer produce balls but a lot more elaborate things for boys.

NERF is actually the acronym for Non-Expandable Recreational Foam. It was from this foam that the original ball was made and it was the safest material because it was very light and it couldn’t damage anything.

This ball is absolutely perfect for indoor use, and that was the idea that the creator had at the first place. Although he wanted to add a net in order to be something like a volleyball court.

The ball was launched in the market by Parker Brothers, however, without the net. And parents didn’t have any problem leaving the kids play with the ball even inside the living room. Nothing could be broken by the soft foam.

The NERF GUN balls were a huge success and within a year more than 4 million balls were sold. NERF has been passed to Hasbro. In the 90s there was another huge success with selling Nerf Guns. They were guns that could throw foam and as you would expect Nerf guns were tons of fun.

By the end of its first year over four million Nerf Gun balls were sold. In 1972 the Nerf basketball game was invented and is still sold today.