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The best Nerf guns for assassination games


nerf guns for AssassinationNerf Wars may be the most popular game played with Nerf guns, however Assassination, due to its simplicity and tension, is becoming more popular every single day. As i am sure you know, Assassination is a game of planning and stealth since every assassin must be able to “tag” his or competitor without getting tagged themselves in the process.

This means that being able to silently and discretely approach is vital for a game of Assassination. I think we can all agree that some Nerf guns are better than other when it comes to stealth since many of them, especially some of the fancy new Nerf guns, have been designed with Nerf War games and battlefield domination in mind. This means that a Nerf Vulcan or even Alpha Strike will help you win a Nerf war, but it won’t be of much use if subtlety and stealth is what you need to approach your targets like a silent Assassin. With that being said, let’s have a look at the best Nerf guns and gun types for Assassination games.


When it comes to Nerf Wars, pistol like Nerf guns are most often used as secondary weapons, since players prefer assault rifle like models, when it comes to Assassination though, Nerf pistols are by far the best Nerf guns for the job. What makes pistols so special, is the fact that they can be very easily concealed, in fact some single shot models, like the Nightstrike, are small enough to fit in your pocket! If you are not visibly armed, your “target” will not be alarmed even if he or she spots you. Furthermore, pistol like Nerf gun models are pretty accurate at small ranges, which means that you won’t even have to get THAT close for a successful hit. Be warned though: your target will almost have a Nerf pistol on his or her person, so make sure to not be seen while approaching nerf guns for Assassination ukand aim carefully before shooting. You don’t him or her to tag you back!

The Barrel Break Nerf Gun

The Barrel Break shotgun is one of the most unique Nerf guns out there and one of the best for Assassination games. It is essentially a double barreled sawn off shotgun, which makes it very deadly and easy to conceal.

What makes this model of the Nerf Elite guns series so cool for assassination games, is the fact that you can choose to fire each barrel individually and thus get out two shots in rapid succession, or to shoot them both at the same time in order to make sure that one of them will hit your target. Be careful though as you only have two shots available before reloading and reloading the Barrel Break does take some time.

Sniper rifles

When it comes to Nerf guns, Sniper rifle like models are not exactly easy to conceal, but they do allow you to tag your opponent from a safe distance, before he or she has a chance to wither spot you or retaliate. If you know your intended target’s schedule or the route he or she takes to home or work, you can hide in a sniping position and wait for them to pass by. It does take some patience and planning, but sniping your enemies is really rewarding!

IF you want to deal death from afar like a professional hitman, then you will need one of the Sniper Nerf guns available on the market. The best one is definitely the Nerf Longstrike since it has the maximum range and it also comes with an amazing scope to help you with your aiming!