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Nerf water guns: The next step in the evolution of Nerf guns!


new water gunsNerf guns are by far the most famous and popular toy guns for kids on the planet. The reason for that is simple: all Nerf guns fire very soft and safe projectiles, the famous Nerf darts and XLR, which are built using the patented Nerf foam. With that being said, the term Nerf gun always bring to mind high tech and fancy toy guns that fire projectiles. Well, this is about to change!

After revolutionizing the toy gun market, it seems that the people at Hasbro who are responsible for making the famous Nerf guns, have now set their sights at water guns! The new Nerf water guns are really high tech and they are pretty much better than any other soaker blaster currently on the market. But what exactly makes them so cool? well, here’s everything you need to know about those amazing, new Nerf guns!

Unique firing mechanisms

Nerf guns are famous for featuring state of the art priming and firing mechanisms that make them really fast to shoot, yet very accurate. The same is true for the Water nerf guns. Here is a brief rundown of their mechanisms

1.The Flash Blast system

Flash Blast Nerf soakers work pretty much like regular Nerf guns. You feel their tang with water and then you pull back a lever which sucks some water out of the tank and arms the trigger. You then pull the trigger and fire a stream water with great range and accuracy. This is a fast and reliable way to shoot some water at people, it’s faster than the pumping mechanism, but he quantities fired are rather small, which means that you will have someone a lot of times to make him of her soaking wet!

2.Pump action guns

Pump action Nerf Water guns work pretty much like most super soakers. You have to pull the pumping lever back and forth in order to make your blaster shoot a steady stream of water or a great quantity of water at your opponents. What makes the Nerf water blasters stand out from other blasters and soakers, is the fact that they use Nerf’s revolutionary Clip reload system, but more one that a bit later.

3.Hybrid Nerf guns

Some of newest Water Nerf guns are hybrid models, which means that they can be used to fire water or regular Nerf darts, In other words, you get two high tech Nerf blasters for the price of one!

Revolutionary clip based reloading system

What makes the Water guns made by the people at Nerf really unique, is the fact that can be “reloaded” using clips. This means that you can fill small tanks of water and have them on your person and once your soaker runs out of water, you simply remove its empty tank and just snap a new one in its place. It’s the same as replacing an empty gun magazine with a fresh clip! This makes reloading Nerf water guns ridiculously easy and fast and it means that you won’t have to run to a water tap every time you need “ammo”!

If Nerf water guns are not your thing then don’t worry, there are many cool Nerf guns out there for you to play and dominate your enemies with! The Nerf Stampede for example is a fully automatic assault machine gun, that will help you dominate every Nerf War!