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Imagine Yourself using a nerf machine gun: The Nerf Vulcan Havok Fire! Read this.


Looking for the best Nerf Machine gun? Read my Nerf Vulkan Havok Fire review!

Nerf HavokIt’s a well known that Hasbro is on of the biggest and most respected toy making companies in the world! For many years now they have been making toys that both we and our children grew up with and loved, including the all time classic G.I. Joe, Tramsformers and Barbie toy lines!

One of their most famous and popular product lines however, are the Nerf Guns! These are specially designed toy guns for kids that have been around for nearly twenty years now!

Thanks to these toys, young boys all over the world have been able to engage in war games, without their parents worrying about their safety!

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This product line is still incredibly popular today and because of this, dozens of new Nerf Gun models that are released every year!

What is it that makes the Nerf guns so cool ans popular? Well, the thing that makes the really unique is their excellent design! They have been specially designed to look somewhat realistic but not be exact replicas of real life guns! Another very important feature of the Nerf Gun toys, is also their “ammo”!

They fire projectiles  that are completely safe for those who will get hit by them! You see unlike other toy guns for kids, their projectiles are not made of hard plastic and fired at great speeds, they are made using the special Nerf foam which is very soft and completely harmless! In other words, you can be certain that when your children play a Nerf game they will not come back to you home covered in bruises, or worse!

In this Nerf gun review, we will talk about one of the latest and most sought after Nerf guns: the Nerf Havok! Is it really as amazing as many Nerf gun reviews and enthusiasts claim? Well, keep on reading my review to find out!

Nerf Havok

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Nerf Vulcan Description

The Nerf Vulcan Havoc Fire gun, is essentially Nerf’s version of the mini gun or the Gatling gun! It’s a fully automatic, belt fed machine gun that will allow you to dispatch all of your opponents in no time flat! Thanks to it’s fully automatic firing mechanism, using it is simple as pulling the trigger!

You won’t have to cock it or reload it after every shot, which also provides it with an amazingly fast firing rate! It can fire up to three darts per second!

Nerf HavokUnlike most other Nerf automatic weapons that use clips and magazines, the Nerf N-Strike Vulcan Havok Fire uses a belt based ammo delivery and loading system!

This means that it has larger ammo capacity than other Nerf guns and that it’s also quicker and easier to reload! Finally, because of its rather big size, it also comes equipped with a removable and folding tripod, to help you steady your aim!

Finally, the Nerf Vulcan is also equipped with Tactical Rails, which means that it’s compatible with most of the accessories and parts made for guns of the N-Strike series!

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Nerf Vulcan Havok Fire – Features

  • Fully automatic!

The Nerf Vulcan by Nerf is equipped with a state of the art fully automatic firing mechanism! This allows it to fire darts at the astonishing rate of three per second! No one will be able to get close to you once you start firing it! You will be able to hold positions or even mount assaults on enemy bases, completely on your own! In other words, it will be just like having and using a real life heavy machine gun! Please note though that the firing mechanism is battery operated and needs six D sized batteries in order to work.

  • Revolutionary belt based loading system!

Real machine guns don’t use magazines and clips, they use ammo belts and since the Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 is a Nerf machine gun, it too uses that system! It comes with an ammo belt that can hold up to 25 darts, which gives it greater ammo capacity than just about any other Nerf gun out there! It’s also very easy easy to reload! Just insert a new ammo belt on the ammo slot when the one you’re using runs out and you’re done! Finally, unlike other Nerf guns that come with just a few darts, usually only a full clip, the Nerf Vulcan Havok Fire comes with a whole box of darts! Ammo supply will definitely not prove to be a problem with this gun!

  • You can customise it!

The Hasbro Nerf Nstrike Vukcan Havok Fire EBF-25 Blaster, is equipped with a detachable and folding tripod! When deployed, the tripod will help you steady your aim while defending a position and it will also make using the gun a lot easier and more comfortable! Should you need to run however, you can easily fold it or even take it out completely! The Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 also comes with Tactical Rails, which means that it’s compatible with most of the optional parts and accessories made for products in the N-Strike series!

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Pros and Cons of Nerf Vulcan


  1. It’s a fully automatic machine gun!
  2. It features a belt based ammo delivery system!
  3. It comes equipped with a folding and detachable tripod!
  4. It’s compatible with most of the accessories of the N-Strike series!
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  1. It’s battery operated, which means that if the batteries run out it’s practically useless.
  2. It’s too heavy for younger children to use.

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